Boardwalk Empire Season Premiere: The Return of HBO’s Best New Show

Although it certainly took its time, Boardwalk Empire has slowly but surely earned the title of HBO’s newest shining star. Following in the hallowed footsteps of such masterworks as The Wire and The Sopranos, Terrance Winter’s and Martin Scorsese’s Boardwalk Empire has become a premiere program in nearly every sense of the word. The show’s quality is far above that of a standard television program, from the intricacies of the dialogue to the slow and brooding camera-work.

Steve Buscemi stars as Enoch "Nucky" Thompson

Entering its second season, Boardwalk Empire finds itself in an interesting position. As both a critical darling and a ratings smash hit, the show now has some room to breathe. The premiere certainly takes advantage of this, unspooling only the very first strands of this season’s story lines.  This episode was very much a “chapter one” in that there were no major twists and turns, but rather a sense of calm before the storm. This tactic may not be for everyone and some may find the pacing slow. However, as anyone who watched Boardwalk’s first season can attest, this is not a series that shows its hand right away. I have faith that each and every carefully scripted scene of the premiere will manifest in a larger story arc in the future. In the mean time, it is Boardwalk’s incredible cast that keep me coming back for more. Steve Buscemi has already proven himself as not only a capable leading man, but a star in his own right (Buscemi won both the SAG and Golden Globe Award for his turn as Nucky Thompson on the show), leaving many wondering as to why he had not been granted a starring opportunity earlier in his long career. Fan favorites from last year are back including the ice-cold Agent Nelson Van-Alden (Michael Shannon), Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), and Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams) whom HBO aficionados will recognize as Omar from The Wire.

Although it may have started a tad slow, Boardwalk Empire is certainly not a show to be missed this upcoming season. With an attention to detail that can only be described as cinematic, the series has risen above the previous standards for what can be accomplished in a television series. This alone should warrant your viewership and patience.

Watch Boardwalk Empire, Sundays at 9 PM on HBO

-Benjamin Klein, Editor in Chief

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