Welcome To The Future

In our ever-evolving society, organizations and enterprises are constantly finding new ways to reinvent themselves. Here at The Sentinel we have resisted a switch to the digital world for some time, trying to hold on to the integrity and prestige of a tangible source of news. However, it has become apparent that in order to keep up with the steady barrage of news, both inside and outside of St. Luke’s, The Sentinel too must make the switch to the digital realm. This is not to say that The Sentinel you know is finished. At present we plan to  to produce a physical newspaper as well. However, The Sentinel will now exist as a blog as well as a newsprint entity, allowing us to bring you up-to-the-minute news and also utilize multi-media technology that would have been impossible to implement on the printed page. Reader comments on articles will also be possible. In making this switch we hope to provide the St. Luke’s Community with an online hub of information and entertainment as well as  re-establishing The Sentinel as the life blood of news on The Hilltop. We are remarkably excited to establish this new chapter in The Sentinel’s history and we hope that you will join us in this next step.


-Benjamin Klein and Nicole Bennett-Fite , Editors in Chief

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