Senior Girls Harassed Near Campus

As we go about our daily business on the Hill-Top, winding through classes, sports practices, and assemblies, it can be easy to be lulled into a sense of security. St. Luke’s is nestled amongst acres of beautiful trees and scenery in an area that is considered by most to be pristine, friendly, and above all– safe. While this reputation is for the most part well deserved, St. Luke’s students should bear in mind that no school is completely immune from danger. We were sharply reminded of this a few days ago when it came to light that two senior girls had encountered an unsettling situation. They first became aware of a suspicious looking man following them in an electric blue car, described by one of the girls as “unmistakable”, while running on Briscoe Road about two weeks ago. Spooked, the girls continued running, but were unable to shake him off. They saw the unmistakable car approximately four more times during that initial run. Unsettled, the girls made their way back to school grounds only to find the same car parked next to one of theirs in the Junior Lot. This time, they realized the man was shirtless. The girls were disconcerted, but parted ways quickly in order to escape their pursuer.

The next Friday however, the girls were once again running on Briscoe when they saw a familiar blue hue flash up ahead. This time, the man became more aggressive with his actions. Reportedly, he would drive ahead of the girls, park, get out of his car, watch as they ran by, and repeat this process. After returning to campus that Friday, the girls “realized this wasn’t a coincidence.” and alerted the school. Faculty members immediately contacted the New Canaan police department, who were more than responsive. The Police stationed officers on the grounds for the next couple of days. They were also able to discover where the man lived through his license plate number (vigilantly collected by the girls), and prove that he had been on campus, through the extensive security camera system we have around school grounds. The police went to the man’s house and told him, with no reserve, that he was not allowed near the St. Luke’s campus again. It was discovered that he is a young man of around 20 years of age.

There have been rumors circulating since the incident that the man has been sighted on campus. Students have sworn they saw him and his car in the woods, and even at the middle school girls soccer game.  The New Canaan Police Department has assured St. Luke’s faculty and staff that these are just rumors.

Overall it seems unlikely that the man involved was a serious threat to the girls, more likely just suffering from a severe lack of judgement. This is something that we can be thankful for, but not something that we should take for granted. St. Luke’s students are reminded to stay vigilant- just because a situation should be safe, doesn’t mean it is. The two girls had no reason to fear running in the areas surrounding St. Luke’s, but they ended up encountering an extremely frightening situation. Thanks to their vigilance however, the matter was dealt with and full safety was restored.

The bottom line is, if something doesn’t feel right, say something.

-Nicole Bennett-Fite, Editor in Chief

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