St. Luke’s Celebrates Senior Athletes

It was a big week for St. Luke’s senior athletes. Six teams celebrated the hard work and dedication that the seniors have displayed in their athletic pursuits.
Varsity Baseball:
The varsity baseball team honored ten seniors: Brian Beaumonte ’16, Hugh Lavelle ’16, Austin Howe ’16, Brian Stute ’16, Charles Simmonds ’16, Will Bralower ’16, Skye Andersen ’16, Johnny Hage ’16, Ian Anderson ’16, and BJ Buckle ’16.   
Varsity Softball:
The varsity softball team honored the squad’s lone senior, Ali Trager ’16.
Varsity Boys Lacrosse:
The varsity boys lacrosse team honored five seniors: Alex Wagle ’16, Jamie Rich ’16, Jared Kuehner ’16, Dolan Gregorich ’16, and Brandon Gordon ’16. The team also celebrated the team manager, Sammi Ryan ’16.
Varsity Boys Tennis:
The varsity boys tennis team honored four seniors: Henry Vehslage ’16, Bailey Vehslage ’16, Noah Schott ’16, and Chris Bloomer ’16. The team also celebrated the two senior managers: Justin Miller ’16, and Andrew Washer ’16.
Varsity Girls Lacrosse:
The varsity girls lacrosse team honored five seniors: Kit Hamill ’16, Sophia Lemmer ’16, Sally Clayton ’16, Marguerite Meyers ’16, and Emma Powless ’16.IMG_7880
Varsity Golf:
The varsity golf team honored one senior: Michael Yim ’16.Michael Yim

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