Editorial Policy

The Sentinel is an entirely student-run publication, and is not subject to prior review.

As such, the Sentinel strives to maintain professional standards of accuracy and objectivity. Sentinel staff members have the right to report on and to editorialize about all topics, events, and issues of interest to the St. Luke’s community, but also have the duty to observe the ethical and moral expectations of journalists.

The Sentinel will under no circumstances publish material that is obscene, libelous, or likely to endanger the physical stability of St. Luke’s School.

The Sentinel welcomes contributions from all members of the St. Luke’s community, which can be delivered to the Editorial Board either in person, at the Center for Leadership, or via email to sentinel@stlukesct.org.

All submissions become property of the Sentinel, and not all submissions will necessarily be printed. Submissions must include the name of the author. The Sentinel reserves the right to edit all material.

An editorial that appears without a byline is the work of the Editorial Board, and represents the view of the Sentinel. Any other content is the work of the attributed writer and does not necessarily represent the views of the Sentinel.