The History Department Illumina-(family) tree

Ever wonder why the history department is so close? The answer is more than skin deep. Remember Mr. Lord? If this is your first or second year here you might not know who he is. Regardless, he is the glue that holds together the history department- not in the way you think. Grab your popcorn folks and prepare yourselves for some life-changing news!

How far does the history department go? Well, let’s flashback to the ‘90s. This is when Mr. Martin’s father married Mr. Lord’s mother. Yes, you guessed it- that makes them step-brothers! That’s not all though, Mrs. Pokorny introduced Mr. Lord to his current wife- who is her husband’s sister! So now they’re in-laws, who would’ve known! Fear not! The craziness doesn’t stop there!

Apart from the history department, there are still some connections throughout St. Luke’s. Oddly enough, the connection still involves Mr. Lord! While attending Colby College, Mr. Lord and Mr. Gammill were close friends. They even have reunions several times a year!

To add to that, Mr. Martin and Mr. Wieland are 4th cousins! WHAT?! Plus Ms. Bielski and Mr. Wieland worked together in Italy for three years. When Mr. Weiland took a job at St. Luke’s it was one of the reasons Ms. Bielski came to SLS! Who’s teaching position did she take? The one and only Mr. Lord!

There’s more- Mr. Haynes’ wife and Mr. Blau went on a road trip together 20 years ago when they were in college. How odd! Also, Mr. Haynes’ wife was friends with Mrs. Perry’s husband before they met at St. Luke’s. Who knew Mr. Haynes was so connected?

We asked Mr. Martin his thoughts on how the history department relatedness affects their work. His answer? “I think one of the reasons we get along so well is because we have connections beyond the office.” This connectivity helped to reassure Mr. Martin that St. Luke’s was the place for him. “The fact that Mr. Lord worked here for 11 years gave me confidence that this was a great place to spend my time.”IMG_4797-1024x768-1

Well, now you know why the history department is so close- they are family!

Thaise Sudano and Bridget Dalton, Staff Writers


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