A Cuckoo Review

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Cuckoo and Ken

Cuckoo is a relatively new Netflix original series that follows a British family as they open their home up to some strange new guests. The show begins with the daughter, Rachel (Tamla Kari), coming back home from a trip abroad to Thailand and with her she brings Cuckoo (Andy Samberg); the man she spontaneously married.  Like most fathers would, Ken Thompson (Greg Davies), Rachel’s dad, panicked when he saw his precious, young daughter with an outlandish and free-spirited foreign man.

On the other hand, Rachel’s mother (Helen Baxendale) and brother (Tyger Drew-Honey) couldn’t care less that Rachel is in love with such a bohemian and youthful man. From this point on, the show follows the family as they first try to get rid of Cuckoo, but eventually learn to love him- until the unexpected happens at the beginning of season 2.

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Taylor in 2009 vs 2016

I know most of you are wondering, or will soon be wondering, where is Taylor Lautner in this mess? We want Taylor!!! News flash- he gained a little bit of weight, has matured a lot, and is not the same kid we were all in love with a few years back. Have no fear because he still plays an innocent, sheltered adult who is super lovable. As weird as it is, Taylor doesn’t appear until the second season in search for Cuckoo.


All in all, this show is rated 62% on rotten tomatoes- not too shabby. I think this rating is pretty accurate, but there are some flaws to it. First of all, the main character that the show is named after (Cuckoo) is only in season 1! I’m no film writer, director, or producer- but I’m pretty sure the main character needs more of a role in the show and shouldn’t be killed off within the first 6 episodes. Second, there are a lot of unnecessary aspects to the show- specifically a few irrelevant scenes here and there that don’t add much to the plot (at one point I even found myself skipping certain scenes!) This show is a little boring, but I like the crazy idea behind it. I do not recommend this show to anyone who has better things to do with their lives, but if you’re bored (as I am a lot) I guess it’s a good way to pass time. Who knew cults, chastity, and a guy named Cuckoo would make for a decent TV show?


Bridget Dalton, Staff Writer

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