Mike Duncan: The Voice of Rome

If you have had the pleasure of taking an Upper School Latin course, it is more than likely that you have spent hours upon hours listening to the iconic podcast, The History of Rome. This iconic podcast is spoken and curated by the amazing Mike Duncan, and in honor of World Language Week, St. Luke’s has the privilege of hosting Mr. Duncan for a Lunch and Lead as well as visits to several Latin classes. When Duncan gives his Lunch and Lead, he will give students an insight to how he came to turn his passion for history into an economically viable and popular series of podcasts.

Duncan lives in Madison, Wisconsin and is making the trek all the way to New Canaan so he can not only meet his biggest fans (the SLS classics department), but also delve further into his research. In anticipation of his visit, Duncan asked Latin teacher Mr. Bavone to help him translate some ancient texts for a project he is working on and students are translating these Latin texts into modern English because they have not been documented anywhere else in the world, which is pretty cool.

The Sentinel chatted with members of the classics community to see just how excited everyone is for Mike’s arrival. Latin student Cooper Truwit ‘18 says that, “on a scale of one to ten, I’m at a 9.9 right now”, referring to how thrilled he is to meet Mike Duncan. Mark Forese ‘17 remarks that, “He may say ‘princeps’ wrong, but I am still excited to meet Mike.”  The Classics department is obviously delighted by Mike’s impending arrival and you all should be too! Apart from Classics Day, everyone should try and take part in the various activities being planned for World Language Week from the international coffee house to the salsa dance workshop. Have a great World Language Week!

–Just 4 Fun Editor, Lily Williams 

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