Catching Up with SLS Softball’s Avery Bachman ’15!

Last year on the 2015 Varsity softball team there were four seniors. Each of these seniors worked tirelessly to win both the FAA and New England Championships, leading the team to victories as well as loses. As we begin the softball season of 2016, The Sentinel decided to catch up with these girls to see how they’re adapting to college and how the softball experience has influenced their lives. As I interviewed each of these past seniors, I realized how different the unique experiences each girls shared. It was amazing how four girls who came from the same high school, could end up pursuing their passions in such different ways. Unfortunately, due to issues with scheduling Liz Kremer was unable to be interviewed. However, sources tell us that she is thriving and will be attending Hampshire college next year. This is the first installment of a three part series with their responses:

Avery Bachman

What college are you currently attending?

I am currently attend Bucknell University in Lewisburg Pennsylvania

College Life

Do you have a roommate?

Yes I do, I have two roommates.

Do you like them?

Yes I love my roommates.

Did you get to choose them?

I did not it was all random but I’m glad it worked out that way.

What do you think some differences are between high school and college? What in the first month has struck you as the biggest difference?

I think the amount of free time I have and also the classes are a lot easier compared to St. Luke’s, St. Luke’s really prepared me well. So, I did pretty well in all my classes. In the beginning of the year I had so much free time I didn’t know what to do with myself after finishing my homework. I actually don’t go in the dorm room that much because it’s nice to get out so I spend a lot of time in the library or at the gym and stuff like that. And I definitely like to wake up early too. After I went to class and did my homework I was like “now what?”.

How is the transition from high-school to college?

Academically it was fine. For example, my Spanish class now is easier than the ones at St. Luke’s, so academically the transition was fine. I think socially that was okay for me too because I’ve gone to summer camp where I have been away from home. I think the biggest change is having to do my laundry by myself. My roommates know I’m very bad at doing my laundry and because it’s just so much effort and I never want to do it and I wish my mom did my laundry. Especially for the dorm room I mean you have to walk to a different building to do laundry so that’s just even more effort.

Have you declared your major yet?

I haven’t declared it yet, but I know I want to do Education and Spanish.

Did you know that going into college?

Yeah, I had a pretty good idea of that going into the college.

What is your class schedule look like?

First semester, Monday Wednesday Friday I had Bio at 8am and Education at 9am. And then on Tuesdays and Thursdays I had my Freshman Seminar, which is a class that all freshman had to take at 1 then a Philosophy class at 2:30. During first semester, I only took two classes per day, but this semester I have three. Monday Wednesday Friday I have Linguistic at 11, Gov. at 1pm, and Spanish at 2pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only have one class which is Educational Psychology. Each semester in total you take four classes.

Did you sign up for those classes knowing you would be an education major?


What do you do in education?

First semester it was technically Social Foundations of Education. So we talked about how schools were formed, historically. Like, movements in schools. This semester we’re taking educational Psychology we talk about different ways students learn and different effects things have on students. I really like it.

I know you did waterside, is that one of the things that influenced you?

Yes, that definitely impacted my passion towards it and I think it helps because, first semester I wasn’t really doing anything , but then this semester I’m doing something similar to Waterside in Downtown Lewisburg. It’s furthered my passion towards education.

Where is Bucknell situated?

It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. You literally drive through cornfields to get here and the actual town of Lewisburg is like two streets. It is a simple street with little stores and the other is a Highway with a Walmart, so it’s very small.

What is your social life like?

I lot of my friends are from my hall. For example, definitely the guys and the girls in my home because each hall is like boys and girls, so you’re literally living next to boys, which has definitely been a transition for me. I had never lived with boys obviously. And that’s your closest friends. Then after freshman year a lot of people rush in the fall of their sophomore year. So that fraternity or sorority becomes your closest group of friends after that.

Are you thinking of rushing?

Yes I’m pretty sure I am. We actually start a lot of that stuff now which is been kind of a drag.

What’s the process?

It’s not been super bad or anything, right now it’s a lot of meetings with girls and you basically have to talk yourself up to them, but at this point the school is pretty small so you know a lot of upperclassmen girls anyway which definitely helps.

What does the average day look like?

Today I woke up at 7:30. My roommates think I’m a little crazy because I like to get up early. Then I had a Spanish study group, which is basically half of my Spanish class and we’re all sitting together from 8:30-9:30. Then from 9:30 to about 1 I was in the library doing all my homework. Then I had Educational Psychology from 1 to 2:30. After that I went to the gym and I went to the library after the gym. That’s where I am now.

Is exercise a bigger part of your life because of SLS sports?

Definitely, I played field hockey as well, so I was always into exercise. It keeps me balanced. I’m actually running a half marathon in June, so that’s kind of what I’ve been doing a lot of. I think SLS definitely influenced that because I learned that exercise is a good way to keep me balanced and if I don’t do a bunch of things, then I’m not going to do anything. It’s important for me to find time to sweat, basically.

What do you miss about St. Luke’s?

I miss the Field Hockey Team and the Softball team. I was going to play club Field Hockey in the fall, but I fractured my foot so I couldn’t do that. There isn’t a club softball team so I definitely do miss the team aspect of that because it was so much fun and playing on such a successful team is something I will probably remember for the rest of my life. I also miss that teacher student relationship at St. Luke’s. I am lucky because most of the classes I have are small. My biggest class is probably about 40 students which sounds like a lot but the professor still knows all of our names. It’s definitely not the same sort of relationship. At St. Luke’s the teachers know what’s going on with your life and here it’s ‘just do the homework’ so it’s definitely a different teacher-student relationship.

Do you have homework every day?

You usually have a lot of reading to do before each class, but because you don’t have each class every day you have a lot of time to do it. But, it’s a lot more reading driven. I have definitely had to read some very challenging things so far this year. Unlike High School, it’s not busy work it’s a lot of just reading.

–Claire Wilson, Staff Writer 

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