Preview: Into the Woods

If you want to take a break from studying for March exams or staring blankly at quizzes you took in October, you are in luck. A group of talented actors and techies have worked for almost three months to bring you the winter musical,  Into the Woods. According to Noelle Ruschil (who is neither an actor or a techy, but simply a fan of the musical), it is one of the best plays she has ever seen. This year, the musical is particularly special because it is directed by the new director of theater arts, Jason Peck.


Nick Jodka explained, “It’s very cool that I get to work with a new director in my senior year, being that I had the same pool of directors for long, so it’s a different adjustment in style which will prep me for college.”


The play follows a baker and his wife, who have been cursed by an evil witch who forbid them to have children. The story also features classic fairytale characters, including Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel, whose tales all fit into the plot beautifully. When asked about their favorite scenes and songs, the cast was able to agree that their favorite tunes from the musical are “Agony” and “Your Fault.” Zoe Smith, who plays Little Red Riding Hood, explained “My favorite scene is when I get eaten by the wolf and get cut out of the wolf’s stomach. Spoiler alert!” Ryan Linneman, revealed his favorite song was “Hello Little Girl” because “Luke’s dancing is phenomenal.”


The cast joked about their roles and how they related to their characters. Mike Crispi said, “my role is Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk and my favorite part of my role is that he is really stupid. It’s really fun to [act] stupid and I like to swing on the swing.” Nick Jodka describes his character in a lighthearted manner, saying, “I play Rapunzel’s Prince and I get to be self-centered about my looks, so I get to play myself.” Grace Cashman also weighed in saying, “I play Baker’s Wife and I get to sing about magical beans…I sing about magic beans most of the show.”


As always in theatre, the performance will be a mix of relief, sadness, and joy. For some, this performance will be especially bittersweet because it will be the last winter musical of their high school career. There are five seniors in the cast and crew, Nick Jodka, Alexander Popelyukhin, Becca Leonard, Sarabeth Davis, and Ian Anderson. Alexander Popelyukhin, a senior member of the tech crew, said “the greatest highlight for me is highlighting Nick Jodkas’s beautiful face. Its truly wonderful everyday to be able to direct all the lights and the microphones to be able to capture the essence that is the cast.” The seniors will truly be missed by the younger cast members and the St. Luke’s community as a whole.


If you are in search of some fantastic performing arts, come to the Seldin Performing Arts Center on Friday 2/26 at 7pm, or Saturday 2/27 at 2pm or 7pm. Good luck from The Sentinel to everyone performing this weekend!

– Ripley Goodwyn and Claire Wilson, Staff Writers

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