Music Streaming Showdown: Spotify v. Apple Music

Apple Music and Spotify are the two premier music streaming softwares today, with each having its own merits. Here are my thoughts about the two services, and which is the right for you depending on your listening habits.
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I used Spotify for around a year before switching to Apple Music last June to test it out, being attracted to the family plan pricing. It was going pretty well for a few months, until I realized something — I was listening to a lot less new music. Something about the iTunes/Apple Music interface doesn’t seem to foster exploration, although that may not be true for everybody.

I was also seeing a lot more glitches in Apple Music, which I assumed would be fixed through updates, but then weren’t. For a company that is as form-focused as apple, I have always thought that iTunes should be a much more attractive/easy software. Issues like albums being downloaded twice, half of albums downloading, etc. became too annoying.

I can’t speak to the playlists created by each software, as I generally listen to music in full album form, but in my minimal research they seem to be pretty similar. The Spotify mobile app has a section of recently listened to music, which I find to be helpful if I listen to something but haven’t committed enough to save/download it.

I would recommend Apple Music for people who already have large iTunes libraries of either live music or mixtapes. The Spotify library is pretty comprehensive, but there have been a few artists that I have missed not being able to listen to — any Chance the Rapper, Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”, and about half of Ty Segall’s discography. However, for most people, the libraries of Spotify and Apple Music are probably not different enough to sway one way or another.

I got a 30-day free trial of Tidal to listen to Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo,” but don’t have enough information to form an opinion one way or another. I wish it was on Spotify.

So in conclusion, if you have an existing  physical music library or digital library on iTunes, Apple Music provides an interesting combination of streaming and ownership of music. This also goes for people that have a music taste that leans on mixtapes downloaded from the internet through sites like Datpiff or Bandcamp, as independent artists are sometimes not on Spotify.

However, if you are fine with starting from scratch with only what is available on each streaming service, Spotify is superior in my eyes. The interface runs more cleanly, the social feature emphasizes sharing music with friends, and it just seems to work better in general.

—Bailey Vehslage, Editor-in-Chief

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