SLS Bathrooms…Ranked!


1st Place: Cafeteria

2nd Place: Lobby

3rd Place: Middle School Locker Room

4th Place: 6th Grade

5th Place: Science Wing

6th Place: 5th Grade



1st Place: Science Wing

2nd Place: 6th Grade Hallway

3rd Place: Cafeteria

4th Place: Lobby

5th Place: 5th Grade

6th Place: Middle School Locker Room



1st Place: Science Wing

2nd Place: Cafeteria

3rd Place: 6th Grade Hallway

4th Place: 5th Grade Hallway

5th Place: Lobby

6th Place: Middle School Locker room


Crowdedness (least to most)

1st Place: 5th grade

2nd Place: 6th grade

3rd Place: Science Wing

4th Place: Middle School Locker Room

5th Place: Lobby

6th Place: Cafeteria


Security of Stalls

1st Place: 5th Grade

2nd Place: 6th Grade

3rd Place: Science Wing

4th Place: Cafeteria

5th Place: Lobby

6th Place:Middle School Locker Room


Smell (Best to Worst)

1st Place: Science Wing

2nd Place: 6th Grade

3rd Place: Cafeteria

4th Place:  Lobby

5th Place: 5th grade

6th Place: Middle School Locker Room


Overall Ranking

1st Place – Science Wing Bathroom – This bathroom has an exquisite atmosphere. The color scheme is great with calming blues and grays. The tile above the bathroom are light blue stones, which tie the room together nicely. As opposed to other bathrooms, it smells good. The stalls are large enough to be comfortable and it’s not that crowded. The only downside is the location, which is only convenient if you have a locker in the top part of the science wing.

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2nd Place – 6th Grade Bathroom – This bathroom is one of the more obscure facilities in the school. It has spacious stalls that provide enough coverage, and both of the stalls lock. Aesthetically, this bathroom is very appealing due to the grey and white tiles and walls (which inspired the nickname “50 Shades of Grey”). However, the sink gets a little dirty due to water spillage, and the hand dryer is a little far away from the sink. Overall, the bathroom has a very simple and pleasant look about it, and there really isn’t anything wrong with it. It is also very quiet due to its location, clean, and pleasant.

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3rd Place- Cafeteria Bathroom – The Cafeteria Bathroom comes in at third place in the ranking of bathrooms at St. Luke’s. Although it is not the cleanest, and is definitely known to be overcrowded and buzzing with students and faculty, it is home to many SLS students and faculty. This bathroom is an excuse for so many to abandon the class they are in and seek friends in the commons.

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4th Place – Lobby Bathroom– This bathroom is a hub for students, teachers, parents, and visitors alike. Located with easy access to the lobby, admissions office, and both the math and English hallways, this bathroom is extremely overused. Most of the stalls do not close without a crack with at least an inch between the door and the wall, which makes users feel extremely uncomfortable. There is a slight stench to the bathroom, which is unpleasant but not the first thing users notice upon walking in. Additionally, the harsh fluorescent lighting makes everyone look bad, which is also a downside.  Overall, this bathroom has a convenient location, and therefore is overused and dirty.


5th Place- 5th grade bathroom – This bathroom is often forgotten by upper-schoolers. That is probably a good thing, seeing as the bathroom is disgusting. It smells terrible and there is a sign above the bathroom that says “boys please lift the lid when peeing”. At least the bathroom locks, but the tile is reminiscent of a jail. It’s a dark place, lets leave it at that.

download (2)

6th Place- Middle School Gym Bathroom – This bathroom comes in at last place. Rarely have I been inside a more vile bathroom. Immediately upon walking in my nostrils were invaded with the smell of sweat, clogged toilets, and middle-schoolers. Not to mention my eyes were burning at the sight of the firetruck red overpowering the scenery and the clothes thrown across the place. The bathrooms made me feel insecure, because they did not lock, and could easily be broken into. I would never recommend this bathroom, not even to my worst enemy.

download (6) 3

— Claire Wilson, Ripley Goodwyn, and Sophia Feldman — Staff Writers 


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