Sentinel Tries to Be Productive: Part 3



Habitica is a habit tracking app that used motivation through a point system to encourage positive habits.

Colette’s thoughts:


Accessibility:  7 out of 10

The app sends notifications to each user at a given hour to remind him about to check off his daily tasks. That being said, it is still easy to forget about.  

Effectiveness: 7.5 out of 10

If the app is used diligently, it can really modify one’s lifestyle and daily routine.

Pros: Habitica has cute premise and provides creative incentive for self-improvement.  

Cons: Although a schedule does exist, it is not extremely regimented. Also, users may find it too easy to take on too many tasks.

Bottom-line:  This app’s success is definitely going to be a result of individual preferences and experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though.

Browser equivalent:   

        Habitica, formerly habitRPG, takes a unique approach on self-improvement. In order to provide people with incentive to complete their tasks and establish a routine, Habitica supplies each member with a character, a health bar, experience points, and a bevy of challenges to complete. Habitica’s philosophy is that approaching life as if it were an RPG, will motivate people and help them realize that all goals are attainable.


The premise of the website itself is truly adorable. In order to keep one’s character from dying, one has to attend to their daily tasks, like a video game. In order to level up one’s character and gain gold to buy different weapons and gear, one must track habits and complete tasks. The main pitfall of this app, however, is its ambition. Instead of tackling just habits, Habitica monitors one’s daily routine, projects, and assignments. For some, this proves to be daunting and if one takes on too many tasks, it is likely that one’s character will die very quickly.


Personally, I enjoy Habitica’s layout and purpose. Additionally, I like the comprehensive view of the different goals I want to achieve and the positive feedback of gaining points after accomplishing a task. There is also a social aspect to this app in which users may connect to other goal oriented people and take on similar challenges. These can prove somewhat overwhelming and I recommend developing one’s own routine before delving into this aspect of the app. The actual “habit” track is a little weak and other IOS apps, like Habitbull, are much better suited to actually modifying one’s habits. In this way, I find that the daily tasks and To-Do section are the app’s redeeming features.

Habitica is fun and unique take on self-improvement and time management. I would recommend this app; however, it should be approached slowly.


Mary’s Thoughts


This was the first app that was newly introduced to me, so I was eager to figure it out. Being a checklist application, I found it very appealing because I find lots of satisfaction in checking tasks off my to-do list (I enjoy the suggestion of productivity). It is slightly customizable for what one is trying to achieve, which I found super helpful to get the most out of it. The habits I wanted to develop started off simple with tasks like, “floss,” and “work on creative project,” which helped me ease into truly developing a good habit. I didn’t realize how little I flossed until I had an app that bugged me about it 4 times a day. Users are able to add in homework and study assignments as well, which makes this not only a life app, but also an academic app. This was by far my favorite, and probably the only one I will continue to use regularly.

Rating: 10/10


Colette Juran, Science Editor

Mary Zech, Arts Editor

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