February Horoscopes


Aries- March 21- April 19

Fake it ‘til you make it!

Taurus- April 20- May 20

This month it is critical that you get organized before the March Exams.

Gemini- May 21- June 20

Don’t be so hard on yourself this month. Look back on your accomplishments and be proud!

Cancer- June 21- July 22

You can change your future whenever you want! Good or bad.

Leo -July 23- August 23

Be wary of discount candy this month.

Virgo -August 24- September 22

Support your local newspaper.

Libra -September 23- October 22

Practice kindness this month.

Scorpio –October 23- November 21

Wash your hands when you leave the bathroom!

Sagittarius –November 22- December 21

Call Porter Bowman (203-703-8485)

Capricorn- December 22- January 19

Let loose this month and get ready to rage!

Aquarius –January 20- February 18

Rethink your current outlook and try to be more positive.

Pisces –February 19- March 20

Believe in yourself this month!


-Mary Zech, Arts Editor

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