Hot on the Hilltop: Neko Atsume

Do you want all the love of a yard full of cats, but with none of the responsibility? The Japanese app, Neko Atsume, might be for you! This kitty-collector is all about putting out food and toys to attract cats to your yard, and in return they leave you silver or gold fish to afford even more toys for your cats! The most expensive th1bdf9968-e643-4d35-ac32-598b2a07f91be toy, the rarer the cats will come to you!

With over five million downloads, it’s clear this game has something special. The popularity of this app is based on its low maintenance way of taking care of your own pet. Within a few days you are well on your way to a cat paradise. Sammi Ryan (‘16) says, “I love them. Mack (a cat) is so special, I also like Fred. He is friendly.”

This app is also a free way to relieve stress. Natalie Bachmen (‘17) says, “Neko Atsume calms me down, it’s a great way to get a small break from stress.” If you are feeling overwhelmed with school work or just life in general, your answer might just be in the paws of these cute kitties.

-Mary Zech, Arts Editor


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