Artist Spotlight: Paige Ballard ’16

Q: What is your concentration?
Paige: I’m planning on doing a series of paintings from photos I took on a trip to Europe last summer! I have a lot of pictures of different landscapes and styles of buildings from the different cities I went to, and it might be fun to try to show the merging of manmade things and nature.


Q: What are some of your inspirations?
Paige: I really like looking at different impressionist paintings. I also love seeing more modern pieces in galleries done by current artists, especially ones with fun, bright colors.


Q: What themes do you pursue?
Paige: I try a lot of different things – when I see something that I think would be cool to paint, like interesting flowers or a landscape with cool lighting, I just take a picture of it with my phone and then add it to my list of things to paint!



Q: What’s your favorite art work? (Your own, or famous)
Paige: Anything by Monet!


-Mary Zech, Arts Editor

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