Grey’s is Great


There are few shows that have gone on for over a decade and maintained a consistent, and a strong following. One of these shows is Grey’s Anatomy, produced by the legendary Shonda Rhimes. Starting way back in 2005 the show is now in its 12th season and not showing any signs of quitting. Despite the show’s melodramatic plot lines, people who watch the show also feel a sense of sophistication because of the interesting medical cases that come onto the show. This convinces viewers that it isn’t a completely mindless use of their time.


At St. Luke’s alone, many students religiously watch the show to see  what Meredith Grey is doing this week. While the show still has quality, it has gotten a little monotonous over the years. Viewers have become desensitized to many of the central characters dying, or just vanishing from the show. This went on until this past Spring when something unspeakable happened. Neurosurgeon and fan favorite Derek Shepard died. The actor, Patrick Dempsey, has apparently left the world of Hollywood to follow his dreams of becoming a race car driver, much to the viewers dismay (how selfish of him!) This prompted many tears to shed, and a lot of hate mail for our girl Shonda Rhimes. This event  exemplifies how the show has changed so much in the past decade. Only a handful of the main cast still remain, and the show has morphed to be a completely different program with a whole new cast. This leaves many viewers disgruntled.

I talked to fellow Grey’s fan and Sentinel writer, Colette Juran, about her thoughts on how the show has changed. Colette says,“over the years the show has lost its original charm and appeal. It will continue to do so as long as Shonda decides to drag it out.” I love this show as much as the next girl, but I think it may be time to close the curtain. It is only inevitable that more cast members will continue to drop like flies and plots will be more and more brainless. It is necessary for this show to go out with grace and poise, and not wait until it peters and is forced to cancel.

Lily Williams, Staff Writer

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