Random Kid of The Month, September: Tucker Seth

This afternoon, the Sentinel sat down with Tucker Seth, certified new kid, for a congratulatory interview on his being chosen as our Random Kid of the Month for September, 2015.

Sentinel: How long have you been here at St. Luke’s? And where did you go before that?

Tucker: I’ve been here for one month, and I left New Canaan Country School to come to SLS.

S:  Have you ever met any famous people?

T: I know what’s-his-name…

S: Cool.

T: Yeah.

S: What is your favorite Flik lunch meal so far?

T: I’ve been lovin’ the grilled cheese.

S: Do you like going to school with your older brother, Henry Seth ’16?

T: Yeah, it’s a ride to school every morning with an occasional Starbucks and Breugers stop.

S: What is your favorite part of St. Luke’s?

T: Probably reading the Sentinel online every day.

S: Least favorite?

T: Probably going to classes or doing homework. Also, by the way,  I’m honored to be chosen as best student of the month.

S: That’s not really what this is…

T: Yeah whatever. So a lot of people are probably wondering why I was chosen. Three words: dedication, passion, hard work. It’s like school is a game of king of the hill, I’m standing here on top of the hill, wearing a crown, saying “look at me, I’m the best.” Also I just realized hard work is two words, so throw a hyphen in there. Peace.

Bailey Vehslage, co-Editor in Chief;  Emma Tregellas, Staff Writer


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