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This past week, the much anticipated show Scream Queens premiered. With many high profile cast members, including Ariana Grande, Emma Roberts, and Nick Jonas, as well as being directed by the praised Ryan Murphy, the fun horror show was sure to please. The show takes place at a college where material girl Chanel leads her cut throat sorority, Kappa Kappa Tau. The sorority, we later find out, is plagued with a mysterious past and more recently a masked murderer. The fun and seemingly entertaining nature of the show attracted many viewers to watch its series premiere. However, while people were watching, the show seemed lackluster. While it had some funny parts, like Ariana Grande texting her murderer to please stop, most of the show just seemed stupid and lacked the horror that many of the viewers were expecting. While the show originally was receiving poor reviews, many people on various social media sites began to talk about it, and a more positive reaction appeared to come out. People are embracing the funny, light hearted horror – if that’s even a thing – for what it is, and I predict many will see it through the season to find out who our murderer is and what designer outfit Chanel will wear next.

–Lily Williams Staff Writer

Blindspot” is the new it show on NBC. My first impression came from the trailer, which aired a few weeks before the show’s premiere (Sept. 21). The first scene contains an interesting intro shot of a bag in the middle of Time Square, unattended– a modern day fear of many that live in the city, and a fear of many NYPD members.  Saying only “call FBI”, the contents of the bag has many viewers, including myself, on their toes! As the story continues, we find out inside the bag is a women covered in brand new tattoos, and, surprise surprise, she has no recollection of this. Later in the show the tattooed lady takes down various criminals, another shocker being she is also highly trained in combat and knows various languages, sounding familiar yet? The Bourne Identity with Matt Damon has the same premise, but that’s beside the point.  Overall, I am definitely on the fence about this show: I love cop shows, I love mysteries, but I’m not sure I love this yet. Stay tuned for more updates on  Blind Spot as its season continues!

“Best Time Ever”, the new Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) show, definitely has lots of potential! Whether it’s pranks on celebrities, or on the audience member, NPH knows how to host a show. His stand up is definitely weak but he has plenty of time to work on that. There are a variety of stunts and fan interactions throughout the first episode, and that is what is so different about this particular series. With hidden cameras in almost every segment, it provides true genuine comedy. For example, my personal favorite segment of the show was when the host, NPH, goes so far as to tell “The Voice” judges he is an Austrian show host and then goes to audition, I will let you watch it to see what happens next. With a new celebrity announcer every week, it keeps the comedy fresh and witty.  That being said, the standup between NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) and the announcer sounds extremely scripted and is most of the time not the funniest. Don’t let that be a turn-off because the skits and segments completely make up for it. Overall the show is definitely a win, I would give it an 8/10 only because of the standup.

—  Tucker Seth, Staff Writer

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