The Horror in Nepal: What Can You Do?

On April 25, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake shocked Kathmandu, Nepal, leaving approximately 4,400 people dead, 8,000 people injured, and over 1.4 million in need of food assistance. The quakes and after-shocks were also responsible for an avalanche on Mount Everest, which in itself killed at least 18 people. In addition to the may lives lost, the tremors caused the collapse of ancient architecture. Not only were these buildings a part of the Nepali culture, but they were also places of worship for the Hindus of Nepal.

This devastation is shocking and has compelled many people around the world to ask, what can I do? There are multiple organizations that are reliable and are helping Nepalis beyond belief. Here are some Nepal-based groups that are in desperate need of donations: The Nepalese Red Cross, The Himalayan Cross, American Nepal Medical Foundation, Shikshya Foundation Nepal, MADRE, Abari, and the Government of Nepal. Some of the groups focus of general relief, whereas others have a smaller, more particular focus.

In addition to donating to the groups above, there is an opportunity for St. Luke’s to help support Nepal in their time of need. The Amnesty International club is hosting a crêpe sale Wednesday morning, and all profits will be going towards relief for Nepal. Buy some delicious crêpes Wednesday morning to support Amnesty International and Nepal!

Madeline TillemansStaff Writer

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