An Interview with St. Luke’s Newest Star, Grace Cashman


Sentinel:  Is this your first show for Saint Luke’s.

Grace: Yeah, and I am really excited to be participating in the theatre department at Saint Luke’s. In fact, I actually I left my old school (Sacred Heart) because they didn’t have a theatre department so I am thrilled to be a part of a respectable theatre dept.


Sentinel: And you got the lead role, Elle Woods. As a sophomore, are you excited about that or are you more nervous? 

Grace: I am obviously very excited, but also nervous because the directors have instilled a lot of trust and faith into me. I am honored, and little bit nervous going into my first Saint Luke’s show. But it helps because the whole cast is a great support system that has helped me assimilate to my new environment.


Sentinel: We understand that you have had a lot of theatre experience outside of school, would you like to tell us about that?

Grace: I have worked a lot at a community theatre in Stamford called Curtain call. In fact, I am just finishing a show there called “Meet Me in Saint Louis” where I am playing a 12 year old, so I am especially excited to play Elle Woods, who is obviously older than twelve. I think that it is very fun to have diversity in your roles. Additionally, I have worked professionally a few times, once in the city, once in Westport and once in Greenwich.


Sentinel: Is there anything that you would like to tell our readers about the Legally Blonde and rehearsals thus far?

Grace: Rehearsals are very fun and the show itself is very upbeat. The cast is extremely talented and we are all having a blast together. You all should definitely come see it.


-Kelly Adams, Staff Writer 

(Photography by Kelly Adams)

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