One of the many things that makes St. Luke’s unique is our very own FM radio station, 91.9 WSLX. While the radio is popular among some students, it tends to fly under the radar for most.
The station was founded in 1973 and has been functioning ever since. In addition to many other things, WSLX allows students to have their own shows and to operate a real radio station. It runs on the skills, talent and time of a dedicated group of faculty, alumni, and friends.
Unfortunately, the station has a very limited broadcast range. You would probably only be able to listen to WSLX on your car’s FM radio at 91.9 on the dial for a few miles as you are driving away from campus. However, the station can be heard via computer or smartphone or any mobile device from anywhere! Stream it on your computer by visiting Type ‘WSLX’ in the search box, find the station’s name and click on it.
In an attempt to learn more about the radio, the Sentinel sat down with Mr. Kress, who runs the programming for the group:
The Sentinel: How is this year’s WSLX different from past years?
Mr. Kress: From year to year what changes are the students who participate and who do live shows after school.
S: What draws people to do WSLX?
K: Good question. Everyone who has ever participated in a live broadcast, whether it be in a talk, music, or live sports format, reports that it is a lot of fun.
S: What are some goals for the radio this year?
K: To continue to provide quality entertainment 24/7, in the form of both live and recorded programming. We have been working to add more music to freshen up our playlists. Another goal is always to expand our listener base. Also, we are in the process of finalizing plans to be a broadcast resource for the town of New Canaan in times of emergency, so they could use our station  to get information out to the town about emergency services in the event of some kind of major disaster like a hurricane. It will be very cool when it all comes together!
S: Which shows have demonstrated the most success and why do you think that is?
K: I think the football and basketball broadcasts have been very successful. Members of the SLS community as well as alumni who aren’t able to come to campus to see the events in person can experience them LIVE from anywhere in the world there is cell phone service or Internet access.
S: Why should people do radio?
K: If you are interested in sports or any particular subject that lends itself to a “talk radio” format, or if you like playing music and talking about the artists, songs, particular genres or styles, or if you just like to “ham it up” in front of an audience, you will like going on the air!
Be sure to tune into WSLX to stay updated on live school news and events, whether you’re at school, in the car, or listening to it through your computer!
-Lily Williams, Staff Writer
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