“Wait… what?!”: A Review of Gone Girl

After watching Gone Girl, the film adaption of Gillian Flynn’s novel, you will be left in sheer confusion, wondering what-on-earth you have just seen. The movie examines the bizarre and tense marriage of Nick and Amy Dunne, two New Yorkers who were forced to move to a small, Missouri town because of Nick’s ailing mother.

Amy assembles her annual scavenger hunt for Nick to celebrate their fifth anniversary, but this year the scavenger hunt takes a shocking and morbid twist. Their once hot and eccentric marriage has taken a desolate turn, resulting in lies and deceit.   Lead actors Ben Affleck, playing Nick, and Rosamund Pike, playing Amy, do a phenomenal job portraying the slightly off, dark humor both characters possess. On the morning of their anniversary, Nick goes to the bar he owns in town and has a few drinks, contemplating how his marriage has gone so sour. After a few anxious hours he returns home to find a shattered table, traces of blood and a missing Amy.

Affleck’s famous smirk helps to depict the illusiveness and detachment of Nick’s character to his wife, leaving the viewer wondering if he is truly a great actor able to conceal his heinous crimes, or the innocent, self-loathing man he seems to be. Pike does an even more amazing job playing the far more complex character of the cool, meticulous and narcissistic Amy.  Her story is shocking and far too believable, making us wonder if she is the victim or villain.  Days pass with no word of her whereabouts and the police and locals start to assume the worst. As the story unfolds and the truth comes out, and the viewer discovers the disturbing truth, too troubling for even Nick or Amy to admit.

With many engaging on-screen clues, forcing you into the role of the detective, the two and a half hours fly by with anticipation. But no need to worry, the plot will quickly unveil, leaving the rest of the film for you to breakdown and accept the disturbing reality of the story. The absurd plot and heavy satire is intoxicating, making Gone Girl a must see.

Grace Jones, Staff Writer 

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