Trivial Pursuit: Quiz Bowl’s Success

On Saturday, November 1, the St Luke’s Quiz Bowl Team participated in their first tournament in New York City. Seven St Luke’s members competed in the event and together they formed two teams. Team A consisted of Monika Gabriele ‘15, Augie Barringer ‘15, and Bennett Newman ‘15, while Team B consisted of Porter Bowman ‘17, Kat Adams ‘16, Chris Bloomer ‘16, and Kelly Adams ‘17. There were 73 participants making up 18 teams from 8 different schools of the Tri State area at the Quiz Bowl event.

At St Luke’s, Quiz Bowl is run by sophomore Porter Bowman who is in his first year here on the hilltop. Porter has a passion for trivia and believes Quiz Bowl can have a lot of value for any SLS student: “quiz bowl is where students use academic knowledge from school and from the world in a competitive environment for enjoyment and enrichment.” With Porter’s great leadership as well as positive attitude, the Quiz Bowl teams were able to achieve a relatively high amount of success in their very first tournament, both individually and as a team. In fact, three SLS members ranked in the top 20 among the individually ranked members with Monika Gabriele ‘15 ranking in at 18th, Augie Barringer ‘15 ranking in at 17th, and Porter Bowman ranking in at 2nd. Also, Team B consisting of Porter Bowman ‘17, Kat Adams ‘16, Chris Bloomer ‘16, and Kelly Adams ‘17 made it into the championship bracket and was among the top 6 teams at the tournament.

The Sentinel was able to interview Kat Adams ‘16 to get a sense of what the Quiz Bowl experience is like. “Quiz Bowl was awesome, and it was great that it was in the city. It was fun to do four hours of random trivia questions. One of the greatest feelings was nailing questions that I shouldn’t of known the answers to.” When asked if she was looking forward to the next Quiz Bowl tournament and how she’d prepare for, it Kat answered: “I’m totally looking forward to the next Quiz Bowl. I feel like I could have done a little bit stronger at this past one, so I’ll be sure to prepare better for the next one. One of my more embarrassing moments was when I accidentally blurted out the answer for a question for the other team when it was their turn to answer the question. I’ll have to make sure I can contend with the really smart and passionate contestants next time.”

Clearly the first tournament for the St. Luke’s Quiz Bowl was an overwhelming success. Everyone of the members had fun and was successful despite it being the first ever tournament for most of them. It will be interesting to see how the Quiz Bowl team continues to build upon its achievements from its first ever tournament.

— Jamie Rich, Sports Editor

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