On the Inside: Debate’s Inner Workings

At St. Luke’s, we have an awesome debate team which is led by our two captains, Eli Posner and Tom Howells, and our coaches, Mrs. Yavenditti and Dr. Bramlett. Our debate team primarily does two different forms of debate, parliamentary and CDA.


Parliamentary debate is a widespread form of debate that is meant to mirror how the british parliament would pass resolutions.  For each round, there is a choice of three resolutions. One team picks their preferred resolution and the other team picks the side of that resolution which they want to debate. Each team then gets 10-15 minutes to prepare a case. “Parli,” as it’s called, is great because you can get a variety of topics ranging from current events to philosophical topics to bizarre metaphors.

The CDA (Connecticut Debate Association) is a local circuit that we compete in. At CDA, each school gets a packet with information about the topic and an hour to write cases for both sides of the issue. CDA topics are always issues on current events. Last year, we had two teams qualify for the CDA finals in March, at which the topic was “We (Russia) should actively seek to reincorporate those former Soviet territories with a substantial Russian population.”


At debate tournaments, you can meet lots of intelligent and interesting people. It’s fun because it teaches you to think on your feet, see issues from different perspectives, and create impactful arguments.


And who doesn’t love to win an argument?


Chloe Kekedjian, Contributing Writer

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