Fantasy Football: More Than Just a Game

With the NFL season started, Fantasy football has become widely popular among students of the St Luke’s community. The Sentinel was able to talk with three St. Luke’s students to understand why fantasy football among students, even among those who don’t follow or care about football.

If you don’t know about fantasy football, here’s how it works. In a standard league, each league can have eight, ten, or twelve members. Each member can have 16 different players from the NFL with nine starting slots and seven bench slots. A standard league has slots for one starting quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, a flex position (for either a running back or wiFantasy Football Picturede receiver), a defense, and a kicker. Each league begins with a draft where each member chooses there players. After the draft, there are free agents for NFL players who weren’t drafted, and members of the league can trade players with each other adding to the fun of the league.

Tom Howells, a junior here at St Luke’s, has been a fantasy football expert for the past two years; however he doesn’t watch football ever and isn’t a fan of any particular football team. Tom thinks of fantasy football as a numbers game and sees it as similar to investing. He also likes gloating after beating his friends and the rush you get when one of your players does well.

Caleb Fuller, a junior here at St. Luke’s, is another fantasy football expert and is also a devoted fan of the New York Giants. When asked about his team, Caleb Responded: “My team was handpicked by the Gods.” He is part of two fantasy football leagues and gets very creative with his names, with his first team being named Max 20 Characters, and his second team being named Mcadoo About Nothing.

Nick Jodka, another junior here at St Luke’s, is another fantasy football competitor and also a fan of the New England Patriots. When asked whether he’d root against the Patriots when one of his fantasy football players was set to play against them, he responded that he might because winning a fantasy football game is more fulfilling.

To conclude, fantasy football is a game that can be fun even if you know nothing about the NFL. With a little bit of research on players and luck, you can become very good very quickly. Many students and even teachers participate in leagues and it can be a fun competition that can help distract from the stresses of work and school from time to time.

— Jamie Rich, Staff Writer 

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