Chanel: Feminism in Fashion?

Working gals strut down a realistic city street in Chanel’s 2015 collection. A stunning backdrop of Paris buildings and skylight don’t exactly transport the audience, but it is definitely beautiful. Wide leg trousers and practical shoes daubed the runway making this street style both chic and wearable, two words that are seemingly opposite in high fashion. Jackets with bulky shoulder pads and square skirts owned the runway, making bold patterns and colors not only look professional, but also totally trendy. Weaved fabrics made an absolutely stunning signature in this season’s collection, making the style intricate with just a simple concept. These ladies looked as if they were headed for a meeting at a very fashionable accounting firm.


This season, instead of faux leather, faux riots seem to be in vogue. The real showstopper was at the end of the show, when the music stopped and the mass of models reentered. This time sporting signs with colorful slogans such as, “We Can Match the Machos!” and even some more silly ones such as, “Boys Should Get Pregnant Too.”

One might wonder where the messages about actual feminism are. The signs seem trite and irrelevant, making the whole riot seem superficial. Signs like, “Tweed over Tweet” just seem pointless and seems to trivialize the original topic of women’s rights. As one watches the giddy models wave their signs and yell into their Chanel microphones, its hard not to notice that this display of feminism seems to have been reduced to a marketing device.


It is part of a cascade of pro-woman events, coinciding with Emma Watson’s “He for She” campaign and Beyoncé’s support of feminism at her VMA performance. The “He for She” campaign is all about equally and gaining support for equality, a real contrast to the Chanel signs. Beyoncé used her prevalence in the media to endorse feminism. Both of these appear to be positive examples of progress, as opposed to the way Chanel portrays feminism as something “fun” and “fashion forward.”

The theme of the 2015 Chanel collection appears to be feminism, and you can’t blame many for finding the situation a bit ironic. In an industry so filled with the scrutiny of woman, it makes one wonder if this was a political statement, or an attempt to make feminism “trendy.”

–Mary Zech, Just 4 Fun Editor

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