Meet the New Student Government

With a new group of officials and class representatives, the student government is sure to make this year at St. Luke’s the best one yet. We have four executive officials, all part of the 2015 senior class: Noah Daniel hails as our school president, Tess Tregellas is our vice-president, Annabel Holland holds the role as secretary, and last but certainly not least, Casey Zhu proudly serves as our treasurer. Along with the four officials, class representatives from each grade make up the remainder of the student government. Representing the class of 2018, we have Harrison Wyckoff. Hunter Libman and Ryan Murphy are the proud sophomore representatives, while Jared Kuehner and BJ Buckle lead the junior class. Finally, Alex Libman and Elizabeth Guillen make sure the seniors’ voices are heard.

With the school year in full swing, the student government has made it very clear that their number one goal is to “pump up the school spirit” and “[get] everyone to be more involved in student life”. This year, students morale is sure to be higher and a boost of happiness among peers will be clearly noticeable. In fact, to echo Ms. Perry’s announcement at an earlier Town Meeting, if the student government accomplishes their goals, SLS will be a place where students are excited to go to everyday, not just one. Field day was the first of many events that brought the group closer to their goal and, while the weather did not fully cooperate, the occasion was still an eminent success.

Student Government officials Noah Daniel ’15, Annabel Holland ’15, Alex Libman ’15, Hunter Libman ’17, Tess Tregellas ’15, and Casey Zhu ’15


Although more ideas are under wraps on thrilling new events that may take place, officials were cautious in giving away too much information. What we do know is that school spirit will be off the charts, as more thunderous pep rallies and marvelous dances are soon to be planned. There is even talk of a “winter carnival” which would help bridge the gap between winter break and March exams. Additionally, the Founder’s Cup will continue to be an important aspect of our community’s spirit. That being said, more new and exciting Founder’s Cup competitions are also on this year’s agenda.

Furthermore, with homecoming on the horizon, government officials and reps are working hard to make the event great for students, alumni, and parents. The student government is making sure that they include the student body in their decision making, taking polls, for example, for spirit day themes. America day, pajama day, and neon day have been popular ideas among the students, so make sure to watch out for these themes during the upcoming weeks. What’s even better is that the homecoming dance may be a “white out” and is rumored to be set in the new black box theater. Homecoming 2014 will undoubtedly be an event filled with school spirit, sports, and unavoidable fun, so don’t miss it!

As members of the St. Luke’s community, we can be certain that this year will be a great one under the leadership of our student officials.

–Gracie Zaro, Staff Writer

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