Power to the People: Climate Marchers

Earlier this week people from across 150 countries convened in their respective cities to march in unison for the reversal of crimes committed against the earth. Although it may appear that this protest, dubbed the People’s Climate March (PCM), is a fruitless endeavor as life in today’s society seems to be reprehensibly linked to ecological destruction, the PCM aims to change humanity’s outlook on our environment by making an open call to the government and industrial leaders. This massive event, which drew over 400,000 people to the New York City march alone, called for these leaders to prioritize the earth’s future by helping to establish a precedent for economical actions that serve to benefit not only consumers, but the ecosystem as well.

To further this call to action, the protest’s location on the steps of the UN was not coincidental. In fact, the main purpose behind the PCM is to influence the outcome of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which will occur in 15 months. As the world looks to a future of change, the UN summits on conservation largely take place due to the severity of the environmental damage that world must endure now.

Over 400,000 people flooded the streets of New York City to demand environmental change

Over 400,000 people flooded the streets of New York City to demand environmental change.

In the previous UN summit on conservation, world leaders gathered to discuss the environment with one major concern in mind: extreme weather. Over the past years, the United States is far from the only country to experience drastic fluctuations in temperature in addition to an increase of natural disasters ranging from violent wildfires to deathly drought. These catastrophes, which scientists predict will only increase in the upcoming years, incentivize environmental degradation as a dire issue for present society and not simply a concern for the next generation to grapple with. Although extreme weather is a prevalent concern for humans today, many of the issues expressed by marchers in the PCM are a lot more personal. For example, one of the many layers of the PCM consisted of several interfaith groups, comprised mainly of Lutheran and Hindu advocates, as well as indigenous peoples whose lifestyles have been interrupted by destructive business practices. For these individuals, protecting the environment is not merely a matter of good consciousness and logic, but an irrefutable part of their culture that affects their daily life.

Amidst a world whose only constant seems to be political turmoil and confusion, The People’s Climate March makes one idea very clear: for humanity’s legacy on Earth to result in anything other than widespread destruction, our leaders need to provide actions to match their words.

Sunday’s march is the first of many large scale efforts to promote a global incentive that aspires to “change everything”.

To learn more, visit http://peoplesclimate.org


–Colette Juran, Staff Writer

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