2014 NFL Predictions


The 2014 NFL season is underway, with the first two weeks of the season behind us.  With a flurry of new acquisitions, suspensions, and stadiums, the season will certainly produce new rising playoff teams replacing falling former-playoff teams.  On behalf of the Sentinel, staff writer Porter Bowman determined predictions for each team’s regular season records, playoff matchups, and a Super Bowl champion.


AFC Records NFC Records
Patriots 11-5 Eagles 11-5
Jets 7-9 Giants 7-9
Dolphins 8-8 Cowboys 8-8
Bills 8-8 Redskins 6-10
Steelers 8-8 Packers 12-4
Ravens 8-8 Bears 10-6
Bengals 10-6 Lions 8-8
Browns 6-10 Vikings 7-9
Colts 12-4 Saints 11-5
Texans 5-11 Buccaneers 9-7
Jaguars 3-13 Panthers 9-7
Titans 6-10 Falcons 7-9
Broncos 13-3 Seahawks 13-3
Chiefs 11-5 49ers 11-5
Chargers 9-7 Cardinals 9-7
Raiders 5-11 Rams 5-11


AFC Playoffs NFC Playoffs
Patriots vs. Chargers Eagles vs. Bears
Bengals vs. Chiefs Saints vs. 49ers
Patriots vs. Colts Seahawks vs. Bears
Broncos vs. Chiefs Packers vs. 49ers
Broncos vs. Colts Seahawks vs. 49ers


Super Bowl XLIX: Broncos vs. 49ers


Will a new team host the trophy this year?

Will a new team host the trophy this year?

The Sentinel’s pick to win Super Bowl XLIX is the San Francisco 49ers because of their numerous new acquisitions and continuing dominance in their division, conference, and league.  This offseason, the 49ers built up their wide receiver corps by trading for Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills, re-signing Anquan Boldin, and getting Michael Crabtree back from injuries.  San Francisco built up their offensive line by drafting Marcus Martin and trading for Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins.  These moves among numerous others will help the 49ers make a big run through the playoffs and have a major chance to bring home the Lombardi Trophy.


–Porter Bowman, Staff Writer

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