SLS Unveils Leadership Studies Department

More and more in recent years, the study of leadership has been acknowledged by colleges and universities as an academic discipline. Schools like Claremont McKenna and the University of Richmond have already established departments dedicated to the subject, and now St. Luke’s is poised to emulate them.

The Center for Leadership, the hub of the new Leadership Studies Department.

The Center for Leadership, the hub of the new Leadership Studies Department.

Over the past three years, St. Luke’s has been laying the foundation for the serious study of leadership with innovations such as the CFL, public speaking training in the middle school, and new blended learning courses that elevate their subject matter beyond traditional subject headings and to the thought-provoking label of Leadership Studies. The Leadership Studies Department, which will be instituted over the course of the next few years, represents a conscious effort on the part of the school to put a name to, consolidate, and subsequently maximize this ongoing growth.

The department is expected to encompass a wide range of courses, the majority of which are, at present, brand new to the school this year. Subjects as diverse as psychology, ethics, technology, and, of course, leadership are expected to be covered. Mr. Foley will chair the department, working alongside Mrs. Yavenditti, Ms. Comas, Mr. Russell, and Ms. Preston, who will be working on developing the school’s new “Tech Genius” program in tandem with the Leadership Studies Department.

Of the upcoming department, Mr. Foley says, “I’m excited that this is something that St. Luke’s is in a position to offer, as the formal study of leadership is not something many high schoolers have access to.” Indeed, this is a unique and exciting opportunity for St. Luke’s students to gain an academic experience that, for the most part, is only offered at the college level.

— Maria Juran, Staff Writer

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