SLS Boys Baseball Looking to Bounce Back This Year

After a tough season last year, the St. Luke’s Varsity Baseball team looks to make a run for the FAA championship.  The boys recently headed down to sunny Florida for Spring Training, where they played very well in the face of tough opponents.

The competition in Florida is always formidable.  Hailing from warmer states such as Texas and Oklahoma, the teams we play in Florida often have  year-round access to baseball fields.  By contrast, the spring break trip to Florida marks the very first time our Varsity team sets foot on the diamond.  This often results in sloppy play from our side, and final scores that can best be described as “a lot to a little.”  Despite these factors, the the baseball team came ready to play this year.  Although we did lose all three of our games, the outcomes do not accurately depict the quality of play the boys were able to achieve while down South.

(Photo by Cassie Christopher '13)

(Photo by Cassie Christopher ’13)

On the third day of the trip St. Luke’s had a doubleheader scheduled.  Morgan Simmonds, ‘14, started on the mound for the boys in the first game, against a public high school from Pennsylvania.  Simmonds pitched a gem and, through the 4th inning, the score was locked up at 1-1.  Key hits from Kyle Anderson, ‘15, and Brian Beaumonte, ‘16 aided the Storm.  SLS put on an impressive defense as well, committing only 1 error the entire game and allowing 6 hits.  However, the opposing team’s bats came alive late in the game, and we ended up falling short, 4-2.

In the second game of the day, Brian Beaumonte, the Storm’s young ace, started on the mound.  Following Morgan’s lead, Beaumonte pitched fabulously, allowing only 1 run through the 6th inning.  The Storm’s bats also came alive that afternoon, with 4 runs early in the game.  By the time the top of the 7th inning rolled around, the boys lead 4-1.  However, much like the first game, the other team initiated a late game surge.  No errors were recorded by the Storm, but the opposing players managed to hit every single ball right into the gap, stringing together a nice rally to come back 5-4 in the bottom of the 7th inning.  Despite the final score, this was the boys’ best performance of the week.

The next day the boys had an early morning game against our boarding school rivals, Taft.  In recent history, Taft has been famous for blowing out the Storm on the diamond, and this year the boys were determined to change that.  Ben Rappaport, ‘15, started on the mound for the Storm, facing Taft’s number one pitcher in their rotation.  Rappaport managed to keep the Taft hitters at bay early in the game, allowing only 4 hits and 5 runs.  The Storm put up a great fight against impeccable pitching from Taft, stringing together 3 runs.  However, late in the game Taft got back into their habit of mercilessly crushing the ball.  They put up 3 runs in the 6th inning against the Storm, and the deficit was simply too large for our boys to overcome: the final score, 8-3 Taft.

As stated earlier, the outcomes of these three games should not be seen as harbingers of the coming season.  After years of sleepy bats, the Storm showed they could hit, and hit with power.  The defensive performance was almost flawless, and the pitching was remarkable for so early in the year.  Overall, the Storm feel confident about the season and hope to make it one to remember.

The Storm have their first game at Rye Country Day tomorrow, Thursday April 3rd.  The home opener will be against Hamden Hall on Friday at 4:15pm.

— William Twomey, Sports Editor

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