Boys’ Varsity Basketball: A Retrospective

The Boys Varsity Basketball team’s season ended on Wednesday, but what a season it was.  The boys played exceptionally well, making it to the FAA semifinals as well as the NEPSAC tournament. Although both ended in losses, the boys’ effort and skill should not be undermined.

Coming into the season, many people did not know what to expect from the team. Losing several key seniors including Jackson Prince as well as the junior Elijah Holifield, some Storm fans were worried. In addition, this was one of the youngest Storm teams in the past couple of years. SLS_BoysVarsityBasketball-36-XL

The boys started off the season well, with a record over .500 for the first half of the regular season. Big wins over Rye and King helped keep momentum up going into the latter half of the year. The second half of the season was even more exciting than the first, with two nail-biting games against Brunswick. The first game was played at home, with a final score of 66-64. Key players in that contest included Jordan Sechan, ‘16, and Ami Lakojou, ‘14,  as well as Kevin Florio, ‘15, and Sean Cullinane, ‘14. The second win over Brunswick occurred at their home court. The storm could not be stopped, routing the Bruins on their own turf.  The Boys continued this streak into February, with other big victories against Masters and King.

As the season came to a close, an FAA championship seemed to be within their reach.  They were ranked the number three seed, behind GFA and Masters.  The first game of the FAA playoffs was scheduled on a Tuesday night in Carey gymnasium, against the Storm’s bitter rivals the Brunswick Bruins.  The Storm had made short work of the Bruins during the regular season, but were not taking Brunswick lightly.  They came out strong in the first half, leading by three points going into the locker rooms.  The Bruins mounted a comeback late in the second half and seemed as though they would pull away, but St. Luke’s held on for the 65-63 win.  After this victory, the Boys were headed to GFA for a Friday night game against the number one team in the FAA’s.  The Sixth Man made the trip, and at several points in the game the Storm fans could be heard over the GFA fans.  Although the Boys fought hard, GFA proved to be too much for them to handle.  Freshman Sunday Okeke had an incredible game for GFA, dispatching the Storm 77-65.

Although they had been knocked out of the FAA’s, the Storm still had the New England tournament to look forward to.  Their first game was away at Hyde, and the boys felt confident about their chances to come out on top.  Despite this, SLS was not able to pull out the win, falling to Hyde by a sizable margin. When asked about the game, Kevin Florio, ’15, told the Sentinel, “We came out really strong and followed (for the most part) our game plan…we had trouble with their pressure and they forced us out of our comfort zone…they got out in transition and had a couple highlight reel dunks that got their crowd going. We fought back but they had too much size and firepower, and this overwhelmed us.

Although the season has ended, the legacy of this Boys Varsity Basketball team will live on for years to come.  Some unforgettable moments, many wins, and great chemistry came together for a truly incredible season.  When asked if he had any final remarks about this past season, Florio stated, “Overall it was a great season and a successful year. We will definitely miss our seniors this year and the seniors in the sixth man, but we plan to be just as competitive next year as we were this year.”

Will Twomey, Sports Editor

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