Filmcast with Jack Dorsey

This week, December 9th-15th, is Computer Science Education Week. Run by Code.Org, “CSEdWeek” is an annual program dedicated to bringing students into the world of computer science. On Monday, the organization sponsored a nationwide webcast with eight schools, including St. Luke’s, and the creator of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. In addition to Twitter, Dorsey is also famous for creating the mobile payment sensation, “Square,” and was voted one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people. With viewers from all over the country watching, each school was given the opportunity to ask Dorsey a question about his story with Twitter and history in coding.

Primarily, Dorsey was asked by an elementary school about his inspiration for creating Twitter. Surprisingly, he answered that he got the idea from the dispatch programming of ambulances and police cars. He saw the immediate nature of their communication and decided to transform it into what Twitter had become today. “It was really around trying to figure out how the world works,” said Dorsey, “Twitter was a way to share what people were doing and where they were and where they were going, and you could do it from your phone. You could be anywhere in the world, and you could share that.”


Monday, December 9th, SLS students participated in a filmcast with Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey

After that, Dorsey was asked about how hashtags became such a large part of the Twitter experience. He answered that it wasn’t actually his idea, but something that he saw a Twitter user doing to organize his tweets. When other people started to do it too, Twitter adopted it and made it into an official part of the website. He said that “one of the best parts of Twitter is that the people that use it actually invent new ways of using it all the time.”

One of the most passionate answers that Dorsey gave was when he was asked if looking back there was anything that he would change about his past. “Start sooner,” he encouraged, “I think we often put off things because we figure ‘well, you know, it’s a long life and we have plenty of time to do that in the future’… but if you start today, you’ll be so much farther ahead and you can learn so much faster because you have such a greater energy and context for what you want to build.”

When it was St. Luke’s turn to ask our question, we asked Dorsey to “Please describe how you got started programming.” Dorsey answered that he really loved maps of cities as a child, so he saw coding as a way to develop that passion. He described that “It wasn’t something that I necessarily wanted to do or knew how to do,” but it was something I had to do because it’s something that allowed me to play with something, to use something, that I really wanted to use and play with. Programming allowed me to do that in a very very fast and easy manner.”

Beyond the webcast, CSEd will continue with other various activities through Sunday, December 15th including the “Hour of Code,” which many SLS math classes will participate in. Students can try their hand at coding or learn more at

Watch the filmcast below:

— Monika Gabriele, School News Editor

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