Blakely Disappoints in Academic Challenge

After Oliphant House’s landslide victory over Von Fabrice at the last round of the Founders’ Cup Challenge, we were hoping to see a slightly more cut-throat competition during last Wednesday’s match-up. However, due to the intellectual powerhouses of the Kidd team and the Wednesday-morning lull that seemed to come over Blakely, a similar blowout occurred

This week’s round had a slightly different format, in that contestants faced a new rule that deducted points for incorrect answers. In addition, the buzzer system was actually functioning this time, which created for a new, hastened dynamic for the intellectuals to deal with.

Kidd House dominated the field during last Wednesday's Founders' Cup Challenge.

Kidd House dominated the field during last Wednesday’s Founders’ Cup Challenge.

The two teams, stacked with the cream of the crop from each house, made it seem as if this challenge was going to be a true battle of academic excellence and intellectual fervor: it certainly seemed that this was truly anyone’s game. The Blakeley House’s squad, complete with senior Lizzy McLaughlin, junior Augie Barringer, sophomore Alex Levy, and freshman Hunter Libman, gave off an aura of scholastic intimidation that frightened even those up in the tech booth. Meanwhile, the Kidd House, represented by senior Ian Corbet, junior Tyler Brandt, sophomore Emma Powless, and freshman Emma Tregellas came off as very worthy contenders with an unrelenting thirst for the Founders’ Cup title. Pitting two brigades of passionate scholars against each other, this round was shaping up to be the most intense interhouse competition yet.

However, despite all the hype, the Blakelys had a slow start when President Ben Decatur starting rolling off the questions. Kidd, sensing weakness, quickly took control of the board. In question after question about the arts, literature, and even mollusks, Kidd showed no mercy in establishing themselves as the leader in the competition. Ian Corbet’s extensive historical knowledge combined with Brandt’s seemingly endless font of athletic information made for a difficult battle for their flustered opponents.

With the help of a few questionable calls here and there due to technical malfunctions, as well as a few answers called up from quickly awoken brains, Blakely was able to put some important points on the board. It was McLaughlin’s knowledge of art and Libman’s eagerness to guess that brought their team out of the goose eggs.

After an intense round, the scoreboard showed Kidd had double the amount of points that their opponents had racked up. Blakely’s only hope was final jeopardy, where Decatur asked the teams to list all of the St. Luke’s faculty members who are also alumni of the school. McLaughlin and company, betting it all, came out one name short of Kidd’s list and had to kiss their hopes of victory goodbye.

Though not the battle royale we were expecting, this round of the Challenge was definitely an exciting, mind-stretching quest into the depth of our collective supply of somewhat useless, yet always interesting factual knowledge. The next round, between Blakely and Von Fabrice, will determine third- and fourth-place positions. In late November, we will then watch the explosive final round between Kidd and Oliphant houses. It will surely be an exciting academic fight to the last.

— Monika Gabriele, School News Correspondent 

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