A Fireside Chat with Laura Pedrick ’82

Lunch and Lead guest speaker Laura Pedrick ’82 very kindly took a few moments from her busy schedule to sit down for an exclusive Fireside Chat with the Sentinel. For over twenty-years Pedrick has been a mainstay for photographic coverage of New Jersey politics for the New York Times. As a freelance photojournalist her assignments have ranged from presidential campaigns to chronicling the lives of prisoners living on death row.

Josie Williams '15 and Laura Pedrick '82 talk by the fireplace in the Commons.

Josie Williams ’15 and Laura Pedrick ’82 talk by the fireplace in the Commons.

Sentinel: Okay, let’s just dive right in here: what is your best memory at St. Luke’s?

Ms. Pedrick: Hmm, okay. St. Luke’s has always been an unpretentious place – there was never any judgment or distinction between economic classes and that never got in the way of friendship. In terms of a single moment, I would say that my best memory would be the start of every morning, lugging all your stuff up the hill and arriving at school. But the very best part of being on the Hilltop was looking back and seeing all your classmates lugging up all their own stuff and knowing that we all would get to have another fun day together.

S: How does it feel to come back and see how much SLS has grown and changed?

LP: It a little bittersweet, to be honest, A lot has changed, but I’m glad that there is enough here that it resembles what it used to be, and that there are pockets in the building that are still recognizable to me. However, I’m really proud of what St. Luke’s has become, because it has clearly become world-class institution.

S: Did you actively partake in St. Luke’s art program or any after school activities? 

LP: I didn’t really take any of the art programs, but I was pretty good at field hockey!

S: On a scholarship level?

LP: No, never that good!

S: Did you do something involving photography outside of school?

LP: Yes, actually: I worked for a wedding photographer outside of school…Oh! I did participate in the yearbook at St. Luke’s now that I think about it.

S: What would you like to tell the aspiring photographers of the St. Luke’s community?

LP: My number-one piece of advice is to never be afraid to get names and connections of people here at St. Luke’s and the among our alumni. Connections are very important in terms of getting access and opportunities in a very competitive profession. Also, be sure to really makes your creative mark when you first start out. Be yourself and you’ll find the perfect job.

S: Thank you very much for letting me interview you, Ms. Pedrick.

LP: It’s my pleasure.

Josie Williams, Staff Writer

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