Opinion: A Case for Leggings at GFA

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Leggings: a popular alternative to pants, but a controversial one.

Leggings: a popular alternative to pants, but a controversial one.

Leggings: a staple for girls and women of all ages. From loungewear to the runway, leggings are a popular piece for so many people, yet we can’t wear them at school? ! I’ll start off playing devil’s advocate – I understand why they were quickly taken out of the dress code: they were being miss-worn. Firstly, leggings are never to be worn the way some girls at GFA wear them, with no covering for the buttocks. Leggings, rather, were invented to make a less bulky pant-like item under longer skirts and boyfriend sweaters. Wearing leggings as pants takes away from the quality of your outfit and makes it look sloppy – leggings need more effort than a pair of jeans. Do not treat leggings as pants.

Now that we have the negatives of leggings covered, there are many positives to them. DO: wear them with longer shirts and boyfriend sweaters. DO: wear them with mid thigh length coats (which are totally in this winter, just a little heads up… you’re welcome!) DO: mix textures. When you wear almost all the same texture, it can take away from your outfit, no matter how cute it may be. DO: use leggings to emphasize a REALLY STELLAR pair of shoes!

So how can leggings come back to GFA, legally? It is simply really. Once the ladies understand and agree on how to properly wear leggings, we can mutually agree to let them back into the dress code, with strict rules around wearing them. Like shorts, there can be a time period you can wear them from, November – February. Then, if you improperly wear them you get one warning. If you do it a second time, you are suspended from leggings for two weeks. Third strike, sorry chickadee, but that’s it. You’re done – you can no longer wear leggings that year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love leggings, especially when they are worn how they were invented to be worn! They are comfy yet stylish. With these rules around leggings at GFA, I think that girls should be given one more chance to get it right!

— The Editorial Board of the Beachside Press

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