SLS Volleyball Comes Back Strong

After last year’s 6-6 gridlock, the volleyball team’s two wins last week marked the start of a brighter season.

On Wednesday, September 11, the storm grinded out a 3-2 victory against the visiting Hopkins squad.

Remarking on the victory, Sasha Clark ’14 said, “There was just a lot of energy in the gym, and it was a constant back and forth which made it really exciting. After losing the first set by such a small margin, we knew we could pull out a win against them and we really wanted to start off the season on a good note. I honestly think we really just wanted to prove to ourselves that we are a solid team and that our hard work would pay off.”

The Storm in a huddle during the game with Hamden Hall.

The Storm in a huddle during the game with Hamden Hall.

Abby Washer ’15 and Riley Vaske ’14 were standouts in the game against Hopkins. Vaske was a force to be reckoned with at-net, and had more than a few momentum-changing blocks. Abby (the team’s “secret weapon” according to Clark) had incredible serving streaks during the match.

Following the nail-biter on Wednesday, the girls were confident about their matchup against Hamden Hall. St. Luke’s has always had a good history against Hamden Hall, and this game was no different. The Storm won in three straight sets.

“Our Hopkins game was pretty intense,” said Ally Frattaroli ’14. “I believe we went into the game a little too confident and it hurt us in the long run. The Hopkins players, although a good team, were fairly sloppy in their maneuvers. They would send balls over the net before the third touch or serve really inconsistently which definitely threw us off our game. We were able to win the second and third games after a close loss in the first. After that, it seemed as though we started to get slower and less energetic. We then lost the fourth game but pulled through to win the fifth and final game, handing us the victory.”

This week’s opponent is St. Luke’s biggest rival, King. The Vikings are looking very strong this year, with two big 3-0 victories against Harvey and Masters this week. Sasha Clark likes her team’s chances against King however.

“They’ve lost some key players, but they still have one or two outstanding hitters. I think as a team we’re all mentally prepared because we know it’ll be a tough game. We really need to just focus during our next practices because I do think we can play a lot better than we have been playing already.”

Last year St. Luke’s lost to King in three sets. After the team’s first two wins however, supporters of the Storm can expect a much closer game.

— Will Bloomer, Sports Editor

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