Meet the New Teachers: Dr. Bramlett

Dr. Stephanie Bramlett is the new Director of Diversity and Upper School Student Life here at SLS.

Dr. Stephanie Bramlett is the new Director of Diversity and Upper School Student Life here at SLS.

Whether it be leading a group of students through stimulating debates on race and gender within our culture, or teaching the Theatre Department how to fly through the air on a trapeze, St. Luke’s new Director of Diversity and Upper School Student Life Dr. Stephanie Bramlett has a wide variety of valuable talents that she is excited to share with SLS’s community.

After receiving her doctorate from the University of New Hampshire in 2011, Dr. Bramlett stayed there for two years as the head of the CONNECT Program, a student-orientation system that helps multicultural and low-income students adjust to their new college environment. In addition, she was a crucial member in creating social justice leadership programs at UNH for both students and teachers that focused on conversations of identity and diversity within the classroom. Beyond that, she also led a Women’s Studies course called “Race Matters” where she and her students had meaningful and interesting conversations about culture through the lens of modern society. These relatable and exciting debates led to Dr. Bramlett to ask herself the question, “If I’m feeling so good and they’re feeling so good having these conversations at 18 and 19, how much cooler would it be if we could start that at 13 and 14?”

In looking for a high school to continue her mission, Dr. Bramlett chose St. Luke’s because of its community and how open both students and faculty are with one another. She has many hopes to develop our school and make it an even more welcoming place. She told the Sentinel that her first goal is to make her office a sort of “resource center” where students and faculty may go for direction on how to approach discussing diversity and racial implications, whether it is in a paper or class lecture. In addition, she’d like for it to be a place where students can come and just talk about what is going on around them. As an example, she proposed an idea saying, “I’m really sick of Miley Cyrus, but I’m also really thankful for Miley because she provides this great avenue for some some real conversations about sex, and race and gender in our society.”

In addition to working hard, Dr. Bramlett also loves to play hard. An incredibly accomplished aerialist, she performs on silks, trapeze, lyras, and a squyra. During a performance of the Wizard of Oz, Dr. Bramlett remained in the air for 45 minutes straight. “It’s hard: generally, after we’re five, we don’t climb, we don’t play- and I love to play. I’ve always loved to be upside-down. It takes some time to develop the core and upper body strength, but there is nothing – nothing – in the world that feels like flying.”

So with that, whether Dr. Bramlett is flying on a trapeze or on the wings of a diverse culture, students can be assured that she will be a valuable addition to the St. Luke’s community.

— Monika Gabriele, Staff Writer

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