Musical Review: Newsies

As millions of New Yorkers sleepwalk through the city in search of their five o’clock Starbucks pick-me-up, the cast of Disney’s newest Broadway phenomenon is energized, excited and ready as ever to put on the inspiring and powerful musical “Newsies.”

When “Newsies” premiered at the Paper Mill Playhouse in 2011, theatre enthusiasts wondered whether or not it would resonate well among fans of the 1992 film of which it is loosely based off of. The musical follows a group of newspaper delivery boys, otherwise known as Newsies, who are subject to the deteriorating living conditions of New York City in July of 1899.

After mistreatment and wage cuts from the publication companies, the Newsies decide to form a union and strike for better treatment within the community. Through high energy dance numbers, strong vocal performances and an intriguing story of America greed, “Newsies” is able to pull through as an exciting, powerful and inspiring performance, pleasing to those of all ages.

The success of the musical can be attributed to the dedication and determination of the cast members. During the press conference, Andy Richardson (Crutchie) highlighted the “physical strains” of putting together “Newsies.” “This musical has changed my outlook as a dancer,” Richardson said, “We put on the show eight times a week, and doing it this really wears on the body.” Newsies

The efforts of the cast, however, certainly have made the show stand out as among the best-choreographed musicals on Broadway. The musical is packed with high energy and exciting dance numbers that keep the audience alive and well-invested in the performance.

Although the dance moves were hot-off-the-press, Katherine (Kara Lindsay) and her forbidden bad-boy lover Jack Kelly (Corey Cott) seemed to lack on-stage compatibility—leaving the audience slightly disappointed in the emotional love-story that failed to play out to its full potential.

Lindsay’s costume and makeup made her look a solid ten years older than Cott, who even could have been mistaken as her biological son.

Aside from the minor mishaps in Lindsay’s costume and makeup design, “Newsies” is a definite must-see for those of all ages.

Exciting, energetic and worth the money—the musical is sure to please. Lindsay said it best in her last words at the press conference on Wednesday night, “Once I make people smile,” she said, “My job is done.”

— Drew Lord, Social Media Director

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