Global Gala in Full Swing

Poetry readings. Film showings. A cacophony of foreign languages overpowering conversations in the Commons. Welcome to World Language Week!

With our Argentine and South African exchange students here to add to the multicultural aura, we are busy celebrating linguistic diversity on the Hilltop. As Mr. Shee said in an interview with the Sentinel, “I’m so excited — World Language Week 2013 is here! This is our twelfth year of bringing the community together to celebrate languages and cultures other than our own.”

Lucky for us, the Multicultural Student Union (led by senior Sheetal Akole) has organized an International Film Festival, running through to Thursday night. First to screen, on Monday, was Troy the popular adventure about the classical era. Tuesday (tonight) is the Chinese movie, IP Man, and then there will be Delicatessen, a French film, Wednesday and Pan’s Labyrinth, a Spanish-language hit, on Thursday.  All shows are at 6:30 in the Fireplace Commons.  Admission, of course, is free; in fact, you can even score some complimentary pizza!IMG_2123

Besides the lunchtime language-learning and poetry events that have already gone down this week, on Wednesday, tomorrow, students will be introduced to several exotic alphabets, including Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, Hieroglyphics, Nordic Runes, Hebrew, Japanese, Cyrillic, and Chinese! In addition, tarot cards and other techniques will be used to tell the fortunes of students and faculty. And be sure to prepare yourselves for the 5th grade’s annual tribute to their Latin studies as they all dress in togas for the day!

Thursday is the notorious International Dress Up Day so be sure to dredge up something — anything — international, whether it be a soccer jersey, a foreign flag wrapped around your shoulders, or a full-out costume. “Everyone should participate!” Reminds Mr. Shee, “It’s such a fun day, and who doesn’t love a break in the dress code every now and then?” To add to the fun this year, a Karaoke smack down during lunch will surely grab everyone’s attention. Les Mis fans are going nuts already.

Friday April 19th, marks the final day of the gala festivities with International Coffee House. Don’t forget to sign up or just turn up if you are interested in singing a song, doing a dance, performing a scene, or reading a poem! Indeed, Mr. Shee says the Coffee House is one of the most unique aspects of the week.

In addition, during Middle School Lunch, Mrs. Dormady will be teaching Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata dancing in the Commons.

So if you’ve missed on the fun so far, take heart!  We still have three more days of the shindig!

–Liza Epprecht, Staff Writer

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