Sister Schools Storm St. Luke’s

This April, St. Luke’s will be buzzing with charming new accents and fresh faces, as exchange students from three international schools will be visiting the Hilltop. Never before has the school welcomed so many foreign cultures at one time, making this the first ever “International Month.” To mark the occasion, students are already preparing for the best world language week in the history of St. Luke’s with flash mobs and rock operas.

On Sunday, April 6, students from South Africa will arrive to stay with host families until the 20th. The students study at a few different schools that are supported by the Student Sponsorship Programme, an organization that funds scholarships for students throughout Africa. Students from our long-time sister school, Saint Martin in the Fields in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will be arriving a week later on April 13 for their third exchange to SLS. Many of the visitors hosted several of our own students (who have been heard telling fun stories of their trip all year) last June.

SLS students and their hosts at St. Martin in the Fields in Buenos Aires, Argentina

SLS students and their hosts at St. Martin in the Fields in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tunde Johnson ’14, who will be hosting her Argentine “sister,” can hardly wait. “I’m so excited to be reunited with my exchange student from Argentina,” she said in an interview. “Last summer was definitely one to remember, not only because I experienced Argentine culture first hand, but also because I met a bunch of new friends!”

On April 21, the day after our South African friends-to-be depart, students from Rangitoto College (note that, despite the name, Rangitoto is in fact a secondary school) in Auckland, New Zealand will arrive for a shorter stay, of only three days. The students, who are visiting a few schools in the area, including Hotchkiss, attend the same school that partnered with St. Luke’s to undertake a memorable service trip in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Mrs. Yavenditti, the chief coordinator of these exchanges, explained this upcoming month of excitement this way:  “It is my goal for this International Month that every student has an international experience. Even though we haven’t left the Hilltop, I hope we all feel a little more culturally educated at the end of this April – and form some friendships, too!”

The South African students will be presenting to classes (including the fifth grade) throughout the school in order to enhance the average SLS student’s knowledge of South African culture and lifestyle. The Argentine students will be shadowing Spanish students and working with Spanish classes. The focus of the students from New Zealand will be on the performing arts- primarily with the band and choirs.

“It will be a really fun, busy time,” says Mrs. Yavenditti. “This month provides a great chance for our entire school community to learn about different parts of the world.”

 — Liza Epprecht, Staff Writer

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