A Complimentary Article

The “St. Luke’s Compliments” page on Facebook has taken the school by storm. The anonymous author has been posting, via submissions (also anonymous), incredibly kind comments about SLS students and faculty for a few months now, and the group’s popularity is steadily increasing. The Internet is far too often a place where people can vent negative thoughts, and it’s nice to see an act of general kindness for once. For example, the author made a flattering post about the beloved upper school English teacher, Mrs. Doran, that reads “Doran is the best dressed female teacher in the school.” She’s got some tough competition, but the Sentinel believes that one look at the average Doran outfit might prove this compliment true. Another example of a typical SLS Compliment is “If I could be half the man Clay Kontulis is, my life would be complete.” I couldn’t agree more. Some posts, like the previous two, are short and sweet. But others are surprisingly elaborate. The praise addressed to sophomore Gracie Jones reads, “Gracie Jones is a shining star. She raps 6 foot 7 foot better than Lil Wayne himself. Her voice is comparable to an angel and her funky dance moves blow me away. She brings a spark to SLS that is truly admired. You are my hero, Gracie.” Wow–a compliment rendered all the more potent by its specificity! Here’s one about Mr. Martin: “Hunter Martin is the most interesting man in the world. He lives vicariously through himself. He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.” The personal nature of these compliments gives SLS Compliments its distinctive character.

The logo for the SLS Compliments Facebook page…look familiar?

As well remains the question: just who is it that runs this page? It could be your best friend. It could be your teacher. It could be the lunch guys. Perhaps it’s a group of people acting as a secret organization. Maybe it’s the secret police. (Don’t act like you think they don’t exist.) Whoever they are, we as a school thank you for making the world a better place. Again, it’s great seeing the Internet used for the good of mankind. Though this anonymous, compliment-wielding vigilante might forever remain hidden behind the shroud of a computer screen, we will forever be in their debt. If only the school wi-fi worked better, we could all bask in the pixelated praise a little bit more.

–Grayson Kennedy, Staff Writer

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