All Bark and No Bite: North Korea’s Missile “Crisis”

Last month, as you may know, North Korea conducted a successful test launch of a long range missile. While the North Korean government is celebrating, the rest of the world is condemning their petty threats. They violated several UN Security Council resolutions and the Western powers, and well as their local enemies, Japan and South Korea, expressed their anger towards South Korea. Even China, North Korea’s supposed ally, has spoken out against the launch. Chinese politician Hong Lei said, “We express regret at the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s launch in spite of the extensive concerns of the international community,” The main questions surrounding this event are 1. Why did they do it and 2. Should we be worried?

Considering that the launch occurred on the anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death (December 12th), it is likely that it was done for propaganda purposes and national pride. Now North Koreans can boast that eve though they are starving and living in squalor under a brutal totalitarian regime, their government has the cumulative brain power to make something explode.

Kim Jong-Un

It is likely that North Korea did it to make its neighbors fear them. Foreign policy should consist of more than just missiles, and North Korea recognized this. Japan and South Korea are developing new missiles and cruisers in order to defend themselves were North Korea to attack. If North Korea figured out how to attach nuclear warheads to their new long-range missiles, we may be looking at a nuclear war, since Kim Jong Un is probably the only person in the world who would dare launch a nuclear warhead.

Since the country is being managed so ineptly, it’s a surprise to some that Kim Jong Un hasn’t been overthrown. However, the North Korean government probably won’t experience an Arab Spring-like revolution because of the old age of the population and censorship of the Internet. The Arab Spring relied on young people using social media to spread the word of the rebellion, which wouldn’t be possible in North Korea. North Korea’s propaganda is also so extensive that people love their government and wouldn’t be likely to overthrow it. However, while there isn’t much national opposition to Kim’s regime, the rest of the world is against it. Keep in mind that North Korea can’t produce enough food to feed their population, and they scarcely produce enough to feed Kim Jong Un. They rely on the rest of the world for food and they might easily run out if they continue to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. Therefore, North Korea soon may have no choice but to abandon their missile program and transition to a democracy.

Kevin Jahns, Staff Writer

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