Welcome to Hogwarts

The entrance to Hogwarts- also known as the front door for Mr. Schacht’s Latin classroom.

Vis, virtus, ingenium and fortuna; these words made up the last part of the fifth grade Latin scavenger hunt. They were asked which of these characteristics (that translates to power, courage, intelligence and luck) were the most important. Their answers would determine which house each class would be sorted into in the new Hogwarts program that the Latin teachers, Mr. Schacht and Mrs. Mahler, put together for the fifth grade. The point of this the scavenger hunt was to divide the four classes into the houses that are mentioned in J.K Rowling’s famous series, Harry Potter. The class that answered “power” as the most important quality would be sorted into Slytherin House, he class that chose courage was Gryffindor, while choosing intelligence put you into Ravenclaw House and luck into Hufflepuff.

The point of this program is to create a fun way to help the fifth grade get more involved in Latin classes. Mr. Schacht states that in past years Latin class has not been taken as seriously as intended due to the fact that there are no graded quizzes or significant homework assignments.

“This program is a simple and fun way for accountability in class. It also creates a spirited competition between the four ‘houses,’” Mr. Schacht explained.  “With this point system, students strive to do the best they can.” Under his system, points are given to houses for things such as doing homework, following class rules and answering questions during class in depth. Although points cannot be gained for remembering to bring materials to class, points can be lost if students forget to bring them.

In the end, the house with the most points wins the House Cup, just like in the series.  “We aren’t sure what the House Cup will be yet, but since this is the first year with this new program we are just thinking of things as we go along.”  Says Mr. Schacht.  This program has proved to be successful, as the fifth grade students really seem to enjoy it, even those who aren’t huge Harry Potter fans.

As this new idea made its way to the ears of high school students, many say they are jealous of this fun new activity in the fifth grade. When asked about this new program Tommy Champion stated, “If I had got to do that, I would hope to be in Ravenclaw.” “Any house but Hufflepuff would be fine with me,” other students proclaimed.  On the same subject Scotty Zech commented that “I wish something like this was offered to students in high school- it would be a fun way to get engaged in class!”

This new idea seems to be a big hit, not just in the middle school, but also throughout the whole school. I think we can all agree that we hope this program will continue to excel in the middle school, and all of envious onlookers hope that maybe one day this Hogwarts inspired program will find a way to be a part of the high school experience as well.

Jessy Quindlen, Staff Writer

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