A Message on Behalf of the Sentinel

As a school, we often try to point out the things in life that will bring us closer together. We search for the smallest silver lining we can find in a tempest-torn sky in hopes that we can constantly improve our sense of community.  It is a rare occasion when a tragedy takes place that leaves a void we cannot fill with any logic or collaborative spirit.  Such is the case, however, with the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  While St. Luke’s School has honored the victims with the deepest sincerity possible, the Sentinel has avoided publishing any article pertaining to this tragedy.  This is not out of disrespect nor is it an attempt to evade discussion of a particularly difficult subject.  The truth is, we believe simply that there is little words can express about an event so devastating.  As a sign of respect, and to avoid exploitation or insensitivity, the Sentinel has chosen to refrain from covering the Sandy Hook tragedy.  That said, we offer our most sincere condolences to all those affected in any way.  We prefer that this circumstance be left to your individual contemplation, as there is hardly a greater tragedy than when a child is deprived of his or her life.  Beyond that nothing more can be said.

Thank you for your understanding,

— Melanie Bow, School News Editor 

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