Meet the New Teachers: Mr. Lundquist

As society harnesses innovative technological advances and faces challenges to our ingenuity as a species, we strive even greater to aspire to ideals espoused in the Classics, such as the value of self-awareness and understanding that free will comes at a price.  The St. Luke’s community is lucky to welcome a Latin teaching fellow in the World Language Department, Mr. Lundquist, to aid us in our respective ”Odysseys” for knowledge.

Mr. Lundquist pulling a funny face.

Mr. Lundquist hails from rural Pennsylvania—where he was raised on a farm.  He attended high school at the Hill School in Pottstown, where he was a boarder for his junior and senior years.  Reflecting upon that experience, Mr. Lundquist noted that though St. Luke’s is a day school, it has the unique community and camaraderie that is reminiscent of a boarding school environment. After graduating from the Hill School, Mr. Lundquist enrolled at Georgetown University where he double majored in the Classics and Economics.  During his time in D.C., Mr. Lundquist was an intern for two members of Congress, rowed crew, and sang as a member of the Georgetown Saxatones, an a capella and community service organization.

Mr. Lundquist teaches Latin A and Latin 1 this year, working with a broad range of students from the seventh grade and up.  He hopes to bring a certain energy to his classes which he admired in his own professors while studying at Georgetown University.  He also endeavors to integrate Latin into modern society with a bevy of projects that not only will challenge his students t develop rigorous grammatical skills, but will also provide a fun and interesting perspective on the language itself.  In addition, Mr. Lundquist will serve as an assistant football coach.

Regarding the Latin language itself, Mr. Lundquist feels that learning even a language considered “dead” has many benefits, including inculcating organized and focused thinking. Furthermore, he feels that an understanding of Latin gives an insight into the roots of the English language- an insight that will help students on their college admissions tests, as well as many other real-world goals.  

Welcome to St. Luke’s School, Mr. Lundquist!

— Colette Juran, Middle School Correspondent

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