St. Luke’s To Host “Rube Goldberg” Competition

In an effort spearheaded by the science department and the Center for Leadership, St. Lukes will hold the first school-wide Rube Goldberg Competition this spring.  A “Rube Goldberg” is a contraption comprised of many complicated parts and mechanisms to accomplish a simple task, named after American inventor Reuben Goldberg.  The decided task for the Rube Goldberg to accomplish is ringing the St. Luke’s school bell.  Teams of four are invited to enter and may be comprised of any combination of students, teachers, parents and alumni.

When asked about the task, Mr. Foley commented, “The task is to RING the bell, not necessarily swing the clapper, pull the chain or strike the shell.”  Thus, the challenge is very open ended.  The only requirements are that contraptions be no more than six feet long, wide or tall but more importantly that the contraption have a definitive theme.  The contraptions will be unveiled on May fourth in the Athletic Center where the bell will be wheeled around to each individual contraption as they are presented to the audience.  They will be judged on theme, and creativity as well as the fluidity of their runs.  The winning team will win four of the brand new IPad 3’s, generously donated by the school.  The Ipads come with 32 gigabyte memory capacity and 4G network capability.  Their price-tags are $730 each, meaning the four together would cost $2928.  This has proved quite the incentive as over 15 team have already entered with plenty of registration time remaining before April 9th deadline.

Ross Kennedy of the seventh grade of said, “I’m excited to win the IPads.  I intend to sell mine to save money for the SLS French Trip.” He along with his teammates Matt Meyjes, Will Foster, and Morgan Kennedy have a modular soccer themed apparatus planned.  When asked about their stiffest competition, Ross acknowledged Kyle DeViney and his team of Mr. Luger, Ms. Welsh and Colin McIntire as their toughest competition.  As he displayed at town meeting, Kyle already has practice conceiving and constructing a Rube Goldberg.  When I asked him about his entry Kyle admitted to being asked by 5 different teams to join.  He and his team appear to be the current favorite however there are many other talented entrants including M.I.T. engineering school student and St. Luke’s alumna Sam Fomon.  This should make for a very interesting race. Be sure to come out on April 27th to catch a glimpse of all the exciting entries, and check out the official site of the competition to enter.

-Christian Langalis, Contributing Writer

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