Enter To Learn, Go Forth to Bake

Could it be that SLS is actually breeding the future generation’s

Founding members Lindsay Bralower (left) and Caroline Parsons (right)

Julia Childs? The recently developed Saint Luke’s Baking Club would certainly have you think so. Established just last month by Junior baking experts Lindsay Bralower and Caroline Parsons, the club’s popularity has grown exponentially, and now consists of a striking thirty three members- a quota which far surpasses many of our other clubs and organizations here on the hilltop. Founder Lindsay Bralower expresses that the club’s fundamental initiative is to satisfy the yearning desire of students who love to either bake or eat (preferably both!). Though at first the club planned to sell their delectable baked goods at lunch and to ultimately donate the proceeds to SLS Student Government or other hilltop organization in need of funds, the club has recently decided that its members ought to be able to enjoy the product of their hard work, which they have been delightedly doing so at lunch and during advisory.

The baking club meets every Thursday in the cafeteria right after class gets out. The club utilizes the school’s kitchen appliances, yet brings in all of its own ingredients and necessary pots and pans. Every club member is responsible for contributing a certain ingredient or utensil, yet the whole club works together to create their delicacies. Though Lindsay modestly describes the club as “just whipping up something yummy,” it is simply undeniable that the most recent baking club creations are far more than simply “yummy somethings.” Rice Krispies with double- boiled chocolate chip drizzle, gourmet apple pies, mouth watering blondies- it’s clear the club is far superior to the slice-n-bake cookies and Dunkin Hines boxed cupcake mixes that so often fill our lunchtime bake sale tables. One thing’s for sure, the SLS baking club is extremely dedicated to assuring the quality of their treats. The current bakers are also very enthusiastic about accepting new members, so if you love to eat or bake be sure to swing by the kitchen next Thursday afternoon. Just don’t forget your apron!

– Caroline Hopkins, School News Editor

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