SLS Varsity Squash Teams Prepare for Nationals

Last year's Division III Champions

It has been a great year for the SLS varsity Squash teams who, this Friday, are headed to the to Avon Old Farms School to compete in the High-School Nationals. This tournament attracts Squash teams from all over America. Nationals is both a great opportunity for St. Lukes’ athletes to showcase their formidable athletic prowess and a way for head squash coach, Ms. McLeod, to compare our teams with other, more exotic (Iowan) teams.

But what separates Nationals from any other regional Squash tournament? The answers gathered from the boy’s Squash Team all point to anticipation for new opponents. The fact is that in many a regional tournament the SLS teams end up being paired against the likes of Brunswick, GA, and other teams that our school has already played (and defeated!) many times before. When taken to a national level, however, things become much less certain. Under these circumstances it is natural for some of the players to feel a certain trepidation at the uncertainty of the pairing. Still, due in large part to the excellent coaching that both the Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ teams have had this year, any fleeting apprehension will likely be discarded to make room for the determination that must be expected from defending division 3 champions.

That’s right, the St.Lukes’ Boys’ squash team holds the title of D3 national champions. Even more remarkable in some respects is that the Boys’ team is coming off of a strong year despite being a very young team. With no Seniors on the Squash team this year, much of the responsibility has fallen on the backs of Alex Kamisher and Christian Walsh, two juniors, to lead their team to victory. James Watson, squash extraordinaire, said of the predicament “I think this is a great opportunity because it gives the team potential to grow and develop as athletes together.”

Whatever happens at Nationals one thing should is clear, the SLS Squash teams are vivacious players, outstanding role models, and are bursting at the seams with potential.

-Mac Zech, Staff Writer

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